How To Connect Laptop To Router Without Ethernet Cable

How To Connect Laptop To Router Without Ethernet Cable

Nowadays, a large number of people use wireless networks. There are many types of wireless connections available such as WiFi, WAP, Bluetooth, and so on. Here, I’m going to share how to connect the laptop to the router without an Ethernet cable.

When you want the best connection for your laptop, the Ethernet cable is still quite useful for those who want to get the most reliable speed and performance with laptops. What if you don’t have an Ethernet cable? Don’t worry! Here are some tips to help you solve this problem.

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Wireless routers have become incredibly popular for family use in the home. As wireless-capable computers, smartphones, and tablets become more common, users are looking for ways to connect them to their existing home networks.

Almost everyone who has a laptop has the eternal problem of getting a network connection. Even those who do get to connect, this is usually due to either a weak signal or poor configuration. Some people have tried all they can do to get connected though they have not succeeded and others are fresh in setting up a new wireless connection in their house; you may be one of these people.

Steps To Connect Laptop To Router Without Ethernet Cable

Your laptop may have a built-in wireless networking adapter, or you may have an external USB wireless network adapter.

To connect to a wireless network by using a USB wireless network adapter:

Turn on the computer and insert the USB wireless network adapter into an open USB port.

Click Start, type Network Connections in the Start Search box, and then click Network Connections in the Programs list.

Under Network Tasks, click Manage network connections.

Right-click Wireless Network Connection, and then click View Available Wireless Networks.

In the Available Wireless Networks list box, click your wireless network (SSID), and then click Connect.

Another way

The most common way to connect devices to a network is via Ethernet cable. But what if you need to work somewhere without access to wired internet? No problem — you can easily share Wi-Fi from your laptop with your phone, tablet, and other devices.

First, connect your laptop to the internet via Wi-Fi as you normally would.

Next, open up the Settings app (the cog icon in the Start menu). Click on Network & Internet, then Mobile hotspot in the left-hand menu. There are two options here — first, turn on Share my Internet connection with other devices.

If you want to change your hotspot’s name or password from the default, click Edit underneath those fields. Otherwise, just click OK to confirm those settings and enable your hotspot. That’s it!

You can now connect other computers, tablets and phones to this Wi-Fi hotspot and they’ll be able to access the internet using your laptop’s internet connection.

For MacBook users

1. Make sure your computer is within range of your Wi-Fi router.

2. Open the Apple menu, and select System Preferences.

3. Click on the Network icon.

4. Select Wi-Fi in the left pane, and make sure it’s turned on in the right pane. Your computer should automatically connect to your wireless network if it’s broadcasting its name (SSID).

5. If your network isn’t broadcasting its name (SSID), or you don’t see it listed, click Other and enter the name manually, then click Join.

6. Enter any required security password when prompted, and click OK to finish connecting to the network.