Best Remote Control Holder

10 Best Remote Control Holder 2022 – Reviews & Guide

What if you could keep your remote controls organized and within reach but off the coffee table?

Remote control holders are a simple way to organize remotes in living rooms and home theaters. They collect all the remotes together, so it’s easier to find the one you want, and some even have to charge ports, so they double as a charging station. We tested more than 30 remote control holders with multiple remotes to find the best holder for any home.

Remote control holders come in many different designs, with different levels of functionality. Some are simply storage containers for your remote. Others have USB chargers built in that allow you to keep your remote charged up at all times.

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The best thing that you can do is try and keep track of where exactly you placed your remotes so that when you need them, they will be within reach. But if you always forget where you placed them then a remote control holder would be ideal for your needs. Not only will this device hold your remotes but it can also hide them from plain sight so that no one will be able to find them except for yourself!

How do you mount a remote to the wall?

1. TV Remote Control Holder Caddy Bedside Organize


  • Specific Uses For Product : Organization
  • Material : Faux Leather
  • Special Feature : 360 Rotation
  • Color : Brown
  • Brand : Kyle Matthews Designs
  • Mounting Type : Tabletop

You know the drill. You’re sitting down to watch your favorite show, but you can’t find the remote anywhere. It could be hiding under a couch cushion, or maybe it’s buried in one of the pockets of your robe. Whatever it is, it’s not where you want it to be when you need it.

This remote control holder caddy solves that problem once and for all! It’s made from sturdy faux leather with a stylish quilted design that fits any decor style, and it spins 360 degrees so you can easily grab the remote control or anything else you might need right when you need it.

The TV remote holder caddy has slots for multiple remotes and compartments for other things like reading glasses, eyeglasses cleaner and even your smartphone (with space for its charging cable).

It measures 10 inches long by 5 inches wide by 3 inches tall and comes in black or brown so you can pick just the right look for your living room or bedroom.

2. Fasthomegoods Armrest Caddy Pocket Organizer


  • Material : Polyester
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 37 x 1 x 12.5 inches
  • Item Weight : 1.25 Pounds
  • Brand : Fasthomegoods

This armrest organizer is the perfect solution to keep your favorite items close at hand and organized. This armchair caddy is great for holding books, magazines, remote controls, smartphones and other small devices or your favorite snacks or drinks.

This armrest gadget cady does not require an assembly or any installation, and it is built to fit over most couches, or even over the arm of a recliner. To utilize it satisfactorily, roll the extra fabric around the weighted bar and tuck it under your cushion. Perfect use as bedside cell phone or ipad pocket

Made with good craftsmanship, this black remote pocket armrest organizer is 37” x 12.5” x 1” the perfect size to fit your needs as a loft bed caddy storage, and the polyester fabric material is built with durability and dependability to last you years to come.

You can use it over your sofa, loveseat, arm chair, recliner , bedside caddy , magazine holder and so much more. This remote-control pocket organizer is designed to fit over the arm of most couches.

3. Best Multiuse Remote Control Holder


  • Brand : HQdeal
  • Mounting Type : Tabletop
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 5.9 x 4.7 x 4.3 inches
  • Item Weight : 0.6 Pounds

The HQdeal Remote Control Holder is a very clever little device that is made of clear acrylic. It has 2 separate sections, one for storing TV remotes, and one for other devices such as dvd players, cd players, bluetooth speakers, and gaming devices.

The holder has a generous capacity of up to six remote controls plus other devices for a total count of 9 including the two spaces at the top for other devices. The slots are fairly deep so they will fit most remote controls and are clearly labeled with the words “remotes” and “controls.” They fit most remotes although I did find that some of my remotes were too tall to fit in the slots. I have an older tv remote that was too tall but the others fit fine. If you have an older style remote that’s really bulky it likely won’t fit in this holder.

The holder is lightweight but well-made with no sharp edges and measures approximately 4.5 x 7 x 1 inches. It’s easy to clean; just wipe it out with a damp cloth or paper towel if needed. It’s made of sturdy clear acrylic so you can easily see what you’re looking for without having to remove anything from the holder.

4. EZR Life All-In-1 Remote Control Holder


  • Material : Faux Leather
  • Special Feature : Portable
  • Brand : EZR life
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 9.06 x 6.7 x 6.07 inches
  • Item Weight : 1.15 Pounds

The EZR Life All-In-1 Remote Control Holder, Caddy, Organizer, Also Holds Phones, Tablets, Books, Glasses (8 Compartments, Up To 14 Remotes) – Brown Leather was an absolute lifesaver for me. It was a nice gift from my husband because I always had problems with organizing, especially after the kids moved out and all those remotes went with them.

I am not sure how many remotes I have but I have a lot. They are in different parts of the house and often I forget which one goes to what but with the EZR Life All-In-1 Remote Control Holder all of them are in one place. This remote holder is made of leather that is so soft and smooth that I want to touch it all the time. It has 8 compartments and holds up to 14 remotes.

It also has a large compartment that fits anything from cell phones to tablets. There are two mesh pockets and two side pockets which can hold anything from pens to books or glasses. The colors are great and it is easy to clean just wipe it off with a damp cloth and you’re done.

5. TotalMount Universal Remote Holders


  • Brand : TotalMount
  • Compatible Devices : Television, Streaming Device
  • Battery Description : NO BATTERIES
  • Maximum Range : 10 Meters

Total Mount is designed for people who want to get the most out of their technology without sacrificing style. Many of our customers own expensive HD televisions and want to keep their remote controls in a convenient place without cluttering their coffee tables. Total Mount solves this problem elegantly and reliably.

As an American company that is family-owned and operated, we take pride in everything we do. With a passionate team headquartered near Seattle, over 70 patents, and a long history of quality since being founded in 2007, Total Mount consistently delivers reliability and premium features.

Remote controls get lost all the time. People have suggested attaching remote controls to walls with tape, but that ruins their appearance and doesn’t provide easy access to the remote. Others have suggested using a rubber band to attach one remote control to another remote control, but this makes it difficult to use both remotes.

The best way to keep your remote controls handy is with a remote holder. Simply attach each remote control in your house to its own Total Mount universal remote holder and never again will you waste time searching for remotes.

6. Siveit Wooden Desk Organizer


  • Material : Wood
  • Special Feature : Portable
  • Color : Desk Organizer-4
  • Brand : Siveit
  • Mounting Type : Desktop
  • Number of Compartments : 4
  • Package Type : Standard Packaging

Everybody has some kind of desk accessory, but not everybody has one that actually makes a difference in their day. If you’re looking for a storage caddy that’s better than the rest, our desk organizer is the answer you’ve been looking for.

This desk tray is an attractive addition to any space. The sleek, modern design fits into any decor and the black color goes with anything. It’s not too big or too small – it’s just right.

It’s easy to tuck away in a drawer or on a shelf when not in use. The wood is durable and easy to clean, so it will last through years of use. It can also be wiped down easily when dust or crumbs get on it, leaving it looking as good as new. It won’t crack or warp with time like plastic caddies do.

This holder for remote controls keeps everything organized and in one place so that you don’t have to scramble around looking for things when you need them.

In addition to adding function to your space, this organizer helps bring style and elegance as well. Each compartment is the perfect size for a variety of items, which means everything you need will always be within reach and easy to find.

7. Silicone Cup Holder Tray for Arm Chair Couch Caddy Sofa Recliner 


  • Color : 02. Brown
  • Material : Silicone
  • Brand : OKIE OKIE

This couch arm tray acts like a handy table for your laptop, remote control, food and beverages. Whether you’re watching a movie or surfing the web, this sofa arm rest organizer will keep all of your essentials within reach and prevent you from putting them on the floor or a coffee table.

It’s made from non-toxic silicone and is completely BPA free. The bottom of this sofa arm table has non-slip grips that prevent it from sliding around. There are also four pockets to hold your remotes, cellphones, magazines and more.

This cup holder can fit in size sofa arm with a width of at least 6 inch(15cm), simple design with excellent practicality delights and works great in any décor and is ideal for small living spaces such as apartments, condos, dorms, offices, and campers. Treat your loved ones to a thoughtful gift and help them enjoy their favorite snacks or drinks in the comfort of their couch.

8. Remote Control Holder 360 Degree Spinning Desk Organizer for Remote Controllers


  • Material : Faux Leather
  • Color : Black/Brown
  • Brand : Stock Your Home
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 5.5 x 7.4 x 5.9 inches
  • Number of Compartments : 5
  • Package Type : Standard Packaging

The Remote Control Caddy is a perfect TV remote control organizer or office desk organizer. The 5 compartment remote caddy can be used as a TV remote control organizer, a swiveling office desk organizer, or to arrange any other media accessory or device for easy access.

The media caddy is covered in an elegant and durable black faux leather with a smooth grey velvet interior to keep your home décor looking stylish and chic while functioning as a home organizer.

The TV remote holder is designed with a swiveling base that allows you to move the entire remote caddy and easily access the device remote desired.

At 7″ Wide x 5.5″ High x 5.5″ Deep, the TV remote caddy organizer fits easily on a coffee table or a desk. Use it as a coffee table remote holder or for desk organization. It fits anywhere without it taking up too much space.

Great gift idea for the man in your life that needs a remote control holder or media organizer, something not only useful, but stylish.

9. Connected Essentials Remote Control Holder


  • Material : Faux Leather
  • Special Feature : Portable
  • Color : Black
  • Brand : Connected Essentials
  • Mounting Type : Tabletop
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 8.27 x 2.68 x 4.72 inches

This remote caddy organizer is designed to give you a hand in organizing your living room. It can be placed on any surface and is easy to clean. Simply wipe it with a damp cloth when needed.

Made of durable material, this black color remote caddy features 5 compartments of different sizes so you can fit more than one remote control at once. It can also be used as a holder for stationery items such as pens and pencils.

This remote control holder is a great choice for all those who need to keep their living space neat and organized at all times. The minimalistic design of the caddy will not clash with the interior of your home or office and will look nice anywhere.

The holder includes a removable tablet cradle, and has 5 individual compartments to hold five separate remotes. The compartment covers are secured with magnets so they can be removed and reattached without effort.

10. Hennaja Round Leather Art Supply Organizer


  • Color : ‎1-Fractal Flower
  • Item Weight : 10.8 ounces
  • Size : 360 Degree Rotation

You can effectively use this accessory to organize your stationery and other desk items. Complete with a pencil holder and some extra compartments, you can easily fit your pens and pencils, clips, staples, sticky notes and other desk supplies.

The desktop organizer has a revolving design that allows you to have easy access to all the items stored in it. It has three racks that can be rotated 360 degree around the central axis for ease of use.

This desktop organizer is suitable for everyday use on desks in offices, homes and other places. You can also use it to organize your office supplies.

The multi-purpose design of this accessory makes it a great choice for desk organization. It features a pencil holder along with compartments for storing other items like clips, staples, tape dispenser and more.

The Henneja desktop organizer is made of metal for enhanced durability. This makes it perfect for long-term use at home or in the office.