Best Mouse For FFXIV

10 Best Mouse For FFXIV 2022 – Reviews & Guide

The Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse is a highly customizable, durable mouse which can be set up to suit your individual needs. This is a mouse designed for players of one of the most popular games of the past few years: World of Warcraft. As a result, this mouse is built with MMOs in mind. It has been designed specifically to meet the needs of these types of games and therefore suits players who like to combine their gaming with an MMO experience.

Logitech G102 Lightsync Wired Gaming Mouse

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Number of Buttons: 6
DPI: 8000
Hand Orientation: Both Hands

The Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse is available in both black and white and has a futuristic design. The mouse comes with a USB cable which measures 6 feet long so you have plenty of room in which to maneuver your hand around the keyboard without feeling restricted by your surroundings. You will also find that it comes with a quick start guide and installation CD so that you can get started using this mouse as soon as possible.

Like other products from this brand, the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse is ergonomically designed so that it fits comfortably into your hand, even when you are using it for long periods of time. The side buttons are easy to use, even if you have small hands, as they are well-placed and designed in such a way that you will find them simple to use

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1. Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Redragon
  • Movement Detection Technology: Optical
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Buttons: 19
  • Style: Mouse

The Redragon M901 Perdition features an extremely precise Sensor with 12400 DPI and 1000HZ polling rate for consistent responsiveness and exceptional accuracy. The high-precision sensor delivers pinpoint accuracy while the Gaming Grade Micro Switches ensure longevity, greater durability and extreme responsiveness, giving you an even greater edge over your competition.

18 Programmable Buttons: 18 MMO tuned buttons, 5 memory profiles each with distinct LED color option for quick identification. 7 mouse buttons can be programmed with macros and more functions to make the mouse more intelligent and meet more needs for gamers. (Driver Disk included).

The gaming Mouse Backlight can be disabled according to your preference. The Redragon M901 Mouse offers you total personalization for your Gaming Computer and Gaming Laptop.

Ergonomic Redragon M901 PC GAMING MOUSE; Delivering an extremely comfortable and precise experience for Computer Games such as Fortnite Games, SIMS 4, Fallout 4, World of Warcraft, PUGB, Overwatch, Call of Duty or other First-Person Shooter.

2. Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB – MMO Gaming Mouse

  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Brand: Corsair
  • Movement Detection Technology: Optical
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Buttons: 17

The Scimitar Pro RGB gaming mouse advances your game with the customizable Key Slider™ macro button control system. A native 16,000 DPI optical sensor with 1 DPI resolution steps enables pinpoint accuracy while the 12 optimized mechanical side buttons efficiently provide the freedom to execute complex macros and key remaps.

CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE) software unlocks amazing audio visual effects and the ability to synchronize with other CORSAIR RGB devices. The contoured shape is designed for extended play and features a rubberized thumb grip for enhanced comfort.

The Scimitar Pro RGB gaming mouse advances your game with the innovative, customizable key Slider macro button control system. A native 16000 dpi optical sensor with 1 dpi resolution steps enables High accuracy performance. The 12 mechanical side buttons are designed to pro player specifications for consistent tactile feedback and precise actuation. Onboard storage with up to three gaming profiles allows you to use your settings on the go. Surface calibration tuning utility optimizes sensor precision and responsiveness for your playing surface.

3. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

  • Brand: Logitech G
  • Series: LOGITECH INC.
  • Movement Detection Technology: Laser
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Buttons: 20

The G600 is the most fully featured and highly configurable mouse Logitech has made for MMO gaming. A clear favorite among top esports athletes, it features 20 buttons, including 12 thumb buttons, arranged for easy access. The G600 includes three primary buttons, 12 thumb buttons, a clickable scroll wheel that tilts and a G-switch to double down and dominate.

The G600 MMO Gaming Mouse can be used with preset gaming profiles or customized by the user. Each button can be configured to execute simple single commands or intricate macros involving multiple keystrokes, timed delays and repeat counts. Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) allows gamers to easily assign commands to any of the 20 mouse buttons.

The G600 is built around Logitech’s advanced mechanical micro-switches designed for gaming. These switches are able to withstand up to 20 million clicks, which means you can keep clicking away long after your competition has called it quits.

4. Havit RGB Gaming Mouse

  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired, USB
  • Brand: Havit
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Buttons: 7
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 1.67 x 2.68 x 5.2 inches

This wired gaming mouse is with 7-button, you can change the DPI sensitivity on the fly, which allows you to easily select your desired sensitivity without interrupting your play.

7-color RGB breathing backlit offer a cool and fantastic gaming atmosphere, you can adjust the lighting effect as you like.

The wired mouse features 4 levels of DPI ( 800, 1200, 1600, 2000), 4 polling rate is adjustable: 125Hz/250Hz/500Hz/1000Hz, polling rate ensures smooth and high-speed movement, enjoy games more freely.

Ergonomic design perfectly adapts to your hand for maximum comfort while the rubber side grips keep the mouse securely in your hand during frantic gaming sessions.

Wide compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, Linux etc. ( Note: No programming function for Mac system.

5. ENHANCE Theorem 2 MMO Gaming Mouse

  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Brand: ENHANCE
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Buttons: 13
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 5.12 x 3.39 x 1.93 inches

Great mouse. I used to use the Razer Naga and it had a lot of good points, but after using this mouse, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the Naga.

The scroll wheel feels a lot better than the Naga’s, and it has the clickable scroll wheel for switching DPI settings (which is convenient). The DPI button is also very easy to reach compared to my previous mouse.

The side buttons are actually perfectly placed and feel great. They’re not too close together or too far away from my thumb. Each one makes a great sound when clicked, which gives me an auditory cue that I’ve actually pressed it. One thing to note is that some of these side buttons are actually programmable macros. The top two buttons on each side can be programmed to do something else, like a string of keyboard commands or something (I haven’t tried programming them yet).

Looks really nice and feels really comfortable in my hands. The cord is braided so it doesn’t tangle easily at all. Software is easy to use (although it’s a little cumbersome to use when you’re switching profiles). Great buy overall.

6. UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse RGB Wired

  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Brand: UtechSmart
  • Compatible Devices: Computer
  • Series: FBA_Venus
  • Special Feature: High precision laser, Ergonomic Design, RGB LED lights, Programmable, Adjustable weight, Multi buttonsHigh precision laser, Ergonomic Design, RGB LED lights, Programmable, Adjustable weight,…

UtechSmart Venus gaming mouse is designed with the maximum comfort and durability in mind. The software gives you a ton of options to customize the mouse exactly to your liking.

The default settings are already set to give you a good advantage over your opponents. If you want to take it up a notch, customize the mouse even more by downloading and installing our software from UtechSmart website. You can then set any of the 16,400 DPI levels, adjust the polling rate from 125Hz-1,000Hz, and even reprogram each button for macros or keystrokes.

18 Programmable buttons & 12 Side Buttons: Support Macro Editing, 10 Mouse Button can be programmed by installing driver software which makes the mouse more intelligent and meets more demands for different games. Great value and control FPS gaming mouse, also excellent for MOBA/ RTS games (driver disk included or download the software from brand website)

Unique 16400 DPI & 4 Polling Rate: With UtechSmart upgraded software, you can accurately adjust this gaming mouse to match your gameplay. Max dpi up to 16400 dpi via software and four polling rate is adjustable.

7. Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Brand: Kensington
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Item Weight: 0.65 Pounds

The Kensington Orbit Trackball with Scroll Ring is the best trackball for most people because it’s more comfortable than similar trackballs we tested, and it lacks the steep learning curve of more complicated models. It also comes with a five-year warranty, far longer than what our other picks offer.

The Orbit has a sculpted design that makes it easier to grasp than conventional trackballs, and its 40-millimeter ball is easy to control without being too large or small. The scroll ring is comfortable to use and allows you to move up and down on web pages or documents without having to reach for the scroll bar on your screen.

Like all of our picks, the Orbit has two buttons and can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people. It also has a detachable wrist rest that helps keep your hand in an ergonomic position while you’re working.

If you prefer a more traditional trackball shape—or if the Orbit isn’t available—we recommend the Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball. It’s not as comfortable as the Orbit, but it’s less expensive and more widely available than some of our other picks, and its scroll wheel is just as good as our main pick’s scroll ring. The M570 also comes.

8. Perixx PERIMICE-719 Wireless 2.4 GHz Ergonomic Vertical Optical Mouse

  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Brand: Perixx
  • Movement Detection Technology: Optical
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Buttons: 6

The Perixx PERIMICE-719 is a wireless ergonomic vertical mouse. This mouse is designed to reduce wrist pressure and pain and help you stay comfortable while you work. The optical sensor of this mouse is able to sense movements on most surfaces, including wood and plastic. It has 3 level adjustable DPI settings that allow you to control the cursor movement speed with your preference.

The mouse is powered by a single AA battery (included) and features an automatic power saving mode that turns it off after a period of inactivity to save battery power. It also comes with a USB nano receiver that plugs into your computer or laptop via USB port and allows you to connect the mouse wirelessly. You can also store it inside the mouse for easy storage when traveling.

9. ROCCAT Kone AIMO Gaming Mouse

  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Brand: ROCCAT
  • Movement Detection Technology: Optical
  • Number of Buttons: 8
  • Style: Black

The Kone Aimo is a powerful gaming mouse with the world’s most advanced and precise optical Owl-Eye sensor (PixArt PMW 3361). The Owl-Eye sensor comes with a resolution accuracy of 12000dpi and an incredible tracking speed of up to 400ips.

The Kone Aimo has a beautiful design which is available in two different colors: Black & White. It is also equipped with RGB AIMO intelligent lighting which reacts to your actions, creating a breathtaking and unique lightshow.

The Kone Aimo comes with the ROCCAT Easy-Shift [+] Technology for simple key duplicator, allowing you to assign a secondary function to each button. This way your mouse becomes even more efficient.

The included ROCCAT Swarm software allows you to program all 23 buttons, customize the RGB lighting or create macros. Besides that, you can use the Easy-Aim feature for effortless sniping and the Easy-Wheel for perfect mouse wheel control.

10. FIODIO Wired Gaming Mouse

  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Brand: Fiodio
  • Series: F260-8294
  • Movement Detection Technology: Optical
  • Color: Black-RGB

This wired gaming mouse is an essential computer accessory for die-hard gamers with anti-fingerprint and sweat-resistant that can keep your grip Firmly during game play. Excellent wired gaming mouse for casual pc gamers.

This PC Gaming Mouse offer you a great precise control. You can enjoy its great precision on most surfaces. It is easy to switch to 800/1200/1600/2400 DPI levels via the DPI button. This will be your best partner!

The wired gaming mouse with side buttons was designed to be extremely comfortable right handed use, smooth lines, ergonomic design and skin-friendly material ensures ultimate comfort even after hours of clicking, swiping and playing.

This wired gaming mouse with RGB backlight gives you a colorful visual effect, making it easy to find your desktop in the dark, perfect for any working and gaming place especially at night time.