Best Mechanical Keyboard For Writers

10 Best Mechanical Keyboard For Writers 2022 – Reviews & Guide

The keyboard is the single most important piece of hardware when it comes to writing. It’s the one tool we use more than any other, so it makes sense to invest some time and effort into finding the best mechanical keyboard for your needs.

Most people don’t spend a lot of time choosing their keyboard; they simply go with what came with their computer or whatever is on sale.

However, when you learn how to choose a keyboard that caters to your specific needs, you can save yourself from wrist pain, fatigue and carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you spend a lot of time typing, choosing a good mechanical keyboard can make your life easier.

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1. Durgod Taurus K320 TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • Keyboard Description:US
  • Connector Type:USB-C
  • Special Feature:Lighting
  • Compatible Devices:Gaming Console
  • Brand:DURGOD

The Taurus K320 is a great addition to Durgod’s lineup of mechanical keyboards. With the same solid build quality and compatibility with the Durgod Zeus Engine software, users will have full control over their keyboard.

Durgod K320 Features a Sturdy case with adjustable feets so you can prop the keyboard up at an angle to relieve your wrists. (2 positions)

Supports DURGOD Zeus Engine software : ( Upgrade your keyboard firmware on the go and set up complex macros or rebind keys as you wish)

Two Different Cables : Type C To Type C USB Cable-3.3FT (1M) and Type-C to type-A USB cable 5.9FT/ (1.8M) ; Logo Sticker and keypuller included.

Compatibility with Mac and Windows: Compatible with Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS (Might need to remap some key through the software) ; The keyboard is adapted for all environment, Home & Office use.

2. Das Keyboard 4C TKL Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

  • Keyboard Description:Gaming
  • Connector Type:USB
  • Special Feature:Mechanical
  • Brand:Das Keyboard
  • Colour:Soft Tactile – Cherry MX Brown Switches

The Das Keyboard 4C Mechanical Keyboard is the top-of-the-line mechanical keyboard, featuring a compact 87 key

HIGH PERFORMANCE MECHANICAL KEY SWITCHES – Cherry MX Brown switches provide a softer and quieter keystroke while still providing excellent tactile feedback. Feel the difference with these premium mechanical switches.

COMPACT 87 KEY DESIGN – Tenkeyless mechanical keyboard delivers a comfortable, versatile typing experience and saves space by dropping the number pad. Ultra-modern design features accented charcoal grey PBT keycaps set against a sleek black anodized aluminum top panel, for a TKL mechanical keyboard with a polished and sophisticated appearance.

PREMIUM TACTILE EXPERIENCE – Cherry MX Brown Switches offer tactile feedback without click sound which can be distracting in office settings. Cherry MX Brown switches are rated for 50 million keystrokes which provides superior durability to ensure years of productivity. Includes two laser etched Das Keyboard keycap pullers to make your build easier and more convenient.

FULL N-KEY ROLLOVER – Fast typists, productive professionals and gamers will appreciate that Das Keyboard 4C TKL mechanical keyboard supports full NKRO over USB. No need to use a PS2 adapter anymore. Just press shift + mute to toggle to NKRO (works with both Windows and Linux).

3. Keychron K2 Wireless Bluetooth/USB Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

  • Keyboard Description:Gaming
  • Connector Type:Wireless, Wired
  • Special Feature:Backlit
  • Brand:Keychron
  • Number of Keys:84

Imagine having your own office, but without the distractions of people chattering and slamming cupboard doors. You can sit there, headphones on, tunes pumping, and just get things done.

This is the exact situation I found myself in recently: after moving home, I found myself with a spare room that was a little too small for a bedroom but perfect for an office. It needed a desk though — something versatile and easy to assemble — so I picked up this simple standing desk from Ikea.

The setup worked perfectly for me for about five minutes until I realised my back was killing me. The problem was that I was constantly standing or sitting, so I needed something that could easily change height. After doing some research, I bought this electric standing desk from Fully (formerly known as Ergo Depot).

It’s been a revelation: I now spend most of my day at a standing desk and have never felt better. Which leads me to today’s deal: you can buy the very same desk I’m using right now for 20% off during Fully’s Summer Sale.

4. Varmilo VA87M Moonlight White LED TKL Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard

  • Brand:Varmilo
  • Color:Varmilo EC Sakura
  • Number of Keys:87
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH:14.02 x 5.28 x 1.3 inches
  • Material:Polybutylene Terephthalate

Bought this to replace my HHKB that was recently stolen. The EC Sakura is my dream keyboard. I love the font on the keys, love the dye sublimated PBT keycaps, and the brown switches are great for typing. The keyboard is well built and sturdy, but still lightweight.

My only complaints are fairly minor but worth mentioning. First of all, the overall size of the keyboard is a little smaller than I expected from the pictures. It’s still a TKL board, so it’s not tiny or anything, but in my opinion it could be a little larger. The second complaint is that some keys (such as right shift) rattle a bit when you press them. This isn’t a deal breaker by any means, but it’s noticeable and can be annoying if you’re a perfectionist like me.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend this keyboard to anyone who loves Cherry MX brown switches and the EC keycap set.

5. Epomaker SK64 64 Keys Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

  • Keyboard Description:Gaming
  • Connector Type:Bluetooth, USB
  • Special Feature:Waterproof, Backlit
  • Brand:Epomaker
  • Colour:Grey White

The SKYLOONG SK64 is a compact 64-key mechanical keyboard that comes with Kailh Box Brown Switches, and will be available soon via Kickstarter.

The SK64 is the first product from EPOMAKER’s new SKYLOONG range of keyboards, and offers users a compact, versatile input device that comes with a variety of impressive features. The keyboard offers n-key rollover and anti-ghosting features, and is available in both Windows and Mac layouts. The keyboard’s design also allows for hot-swappable switches, making it easily customizable for the user’s preferences.

The SK64’s base colour scheme, which uses the same blue colour scheme of EPOMAKER’s other products such as the GK68X RGB, but adds orange accents to the keys. Users can customize the lighting effects on the keyboard using its software, as well as customize macros to specific keys. The new keyboard also comes with a detachable USB C cable, which makes it easily portable for use on-the-go.

6. Freestyle Pro Ergonomic Keyboard

  • Keyboard Description:Ergonomic
  • Connectivity Technology:USB
  • Special Feature:Ergonomic, Mechanical
  • Brand:KINESIS
  • Model Name:Freestyle Pro

The Freestyle Pro is the ultimate split ergonomic keyboard. The all-new SmartSet Programming Engine allows you to cust

The Freestyle Pro is the newest addition to the KINESIS family of ergonomic keyboards. Designed to meet the needs of even the most discerning power user, the Freestyle Pro is based on the same 20-degree tented and splay adjustment that made our Freestyle Edge RGB the first split mechanical keyboard designed specifically for gaming.

The Freestyle Pro features genuine Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches and KINESIS’ all-new SmartSet Programming Engine that allows for deep programming and macros right out-of-the-box. The new SmartSet app (Windows and Mac) makes it easy to customize your keyboard with powerful macros, custom keymappings, and user-defined hotkeys.

The Freestyle Pro also comes standard with a detachable Palm Supports Kit. Positioning your hands at a more natural angle while typing reduces stress on the tendons, joints, and muscles which can improve comfort and reduce risk of injury. The optional lift kit accessory provides 0°, 4°, or 8° of tenting (sold separately).

9″ cable links allow you to separate your keyboard into two 9″ modules for shoulder width comfort. If you require additional separation, an optional 20″ cable extension kit is available (sold separately).

7. HITIME Mechanical Keyboard 

  • Keyboard Description:Gaming
  • Connectivity Technology:Wired
  • Special Feature:Backlit
  • Brand:Cosmic Byte
  • Colour:Rainbow

The MK61 is a 60% keyboard that has a total of 64 keys. It only has the basic set of keys, no arrow keypad or function row. It also uses a 6.25u spacebar, which means you’ll have to use alternate caps if you want to use aftermarket keycaps with different legends on your spacebar.

The main reason for this keyboard’s existence is its size. The MK61 is extremely small and portable, it’s smaller than a standard tenkeyless keyboard even when compared just by width and height alone. It’s only 64mm tall (a standard TKL is about 40mm taller) and 290mm wide (a standard TKL is about 430mm wide). This makes the MK61 very easy to transport, it can fit in most laptop bags and can even fit inside some larger laptop pockets.

The MK61 comes with Kailh Box White switches, which I’ve seen used in other 60% keyboards like the Keychron K2 that have Bluetooth functions. These switches are rated for 70 million keystrokes vs Cherry MX switches’ 50 million keystrokes, so they’re more durable overall.

8. GameSir GK300 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • Keyboard Description:Gaming
  • Connectivity Technology:Micro USB, Mini USB
  • Special Feature:Backlit, Rechargeable
  • Compatible Devices:Laptop, PC, Computer
  • Brand:GameSir

The GK300 brings you a new gaming experience with its innovative technology. The 2.4GHz wireless mode supports computer system like Windows, MacOS. The other model is Bluetooth, supporting smartphone include iOS 7.0 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher.

GameSir focuses on solving the fundamental problems of latency, stability, and connectivity to provide instant wireles connection with 1ms ultra low latency.

The precision-machine aluminum alloy top plate is the integrated stamping with CNC engraving process, allowing for both a minimal design and a beautiful aesthetic.

TTC mechanical blue switches features a tactile bump and distinctive click sound just as your keyboard reacts to your tap.

Built in 3600mAh battery, charging for 5 minutes can be used for an hour, no more worries about no electricity when you are in a middle of a game.

9. Redragon Kumara K552 Rainbow LED Backlit TKL Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • Keyboard Description:Multimedia
  • Connectivity Technology:Wired
  • Special Feature:Backlit, Mechanical
  • Compatible Devices:PC
  • Brand:Redragon

The Redragon K552 KUMARA isn’t your average gaming keyboard. Not only is it over-engineered and built to take a beating, it is loaded with features including heavy duty metal and ABS construction, double-shot injection moulded keycaps, high-end switches with mechanical ultra-last springs, crisp and bright LED backlighting, a gold plated USB connector, and a splash-resistant design.

The Kumara K552 has custom mechanical switches (Cherry Blue equivalent) designed for longevity with greater durability and responsiveness. The Mechanical Keyboard offers medium resistance, crisp click sound, and precise tactile feedback for ultimate typing and gaming performance. The switches are of the highest quality, tested for 50 million keystrokes.

The compact 87 key space saving mechanical keyboard design delivers the raw power of a full size mechanical keyboard while taking up less space on your desk. It is small enough to fit in backpack yet still packs the full power of Redragon renowned mechanical gaming keyboard features into a portable mobile package. The perfect tenkeyless (TKL) compact sized mechanical keyboard choice for gamers who want a smaller form factor or like being closer to their mouse or other desktop accessories.

10. Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Keyboard

  • Keyboard Description:Gaming
  • Special Feature:Multimedia
  • Brand:Generic
  • Number of Keys:19

This keyboard and Mouse Combo from Pictek is an ideal entry level gaming keyboard mouse combo which offers the basic functionalities and effective performance of a gaming keyboard and mouse without the heavy price tag.

This wired keyboard and mouse features plug and play design, with no additional software or firmware required. The wired USB connection ensures a stable transmission without any delays, dropouts or interference.

The ergonomics design ensures you a comfortable using experience. The included palm rest further reduces the strain on your wrist during long hours of typing or gaming.

With simple modern design, this full size keyboard has 104 keys, all 104 keys are standard size which can meet your daily office or playing games needs.

Featuring standard keyboard layout with F-keys(function keys ) and number pad, the wired keyboard brings you efficient typing while at work or gaming. With WIN key disabled for gaming mode, the Pictek USB wired Gaming Keyboard provides conflict free performance tailored for gamers who obsess over accurate control.

The multifunctional key F1-F10 provides multimedia controls for entertainment, email, sound volume etc. The ergonomic high-low keycap design makes it easy to press and reduces hand fatigue during long time use. The LED backlit can be turned off if you do not need.