Best Long Distance Wifi Antenna

10 Best Long Distance Wifi Antenna 2022 – Reviews & Guide

The best long distance wifi antenna is the one that’s going to give you the best signal. Though there are a lot of different factors to consider, it’s important for you to understand how antennas work and how they can impact your signal.

For most people, the ideal location for an antenna will be off their roof or their balcony. antennas that are mounted on a window, inside a wall or hidden in a closet will likely not be able to provide you with enough signal strength to reliably use your wifi network.

But while location is important, so is the type of antenna that you choose. There are two types of antennas: directional and non-directional. Non-directional antennas will also be referred to as omni-directional antennas and are able to send and receive signals in all directions without any change in direction. Directional antennas can only send signals in one direction, which means they’re ideal for locations where you don’t have many obstacles like walls or trees blocking the signal.

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1. CC X Mile Long Range Outdoor USB WiFi

The CC X Mile Long Range Outdoor USB WiFi Antenna is a high-power, high-gain antenna designed to provide long range Wi-Fi connections to your desktop PC or laptop. The CC X Mile Wi-Fi Antenna is designed for Windows 7/8/10 computers with built-in USB ports.

The CC X Mile Long Range Outdoor WiFi Antenna is a high power, high gain router that connects to your current router and repeats its signal. It provides you with the ultimate in long range Wi-Fi reception.

The CC X Mile Long Range Outdoor WiFi Antenna is a high power, high gain router that connects to your current router and repeats its signal. It provides you with the ultimate in long range Wi-Fi reception.

The CC X Mile Long Range Outdoor Wi-Fi Antenna connects directly to your laptops USB port and it’s easy to setup and use. The antenna can be used either outdoors or indoors, depending on where you need it most!

2. Alfa Romeo Wifi Antenna

The ALFA AWUS036NH is the latest version of the popular ALFA AWUS036H. The new AWUS036NH has an upgraded RP-SMA antenna connector that is compatible with a wider range of aftermarket antennas. It includes a 4dBi rubber duck antenna, removable 5dBi gain antenna, a low profile bracket and an Alfa magnetic base for temporary placement on a car or other metal surface.

The new 802.11n adapter/card supports 802.11b and 802.11g and is backward compatible with previous Wi-Fi standards. The added range and stability of this unit makes it a great choice for those looking to boost the signal strength in remote locations, or those looking for long range reception for applications such as wardriving and surveying.

The Alfa AWUS036NH comes with an Atheros AR9271 chipset which is supported by Kali Linux out of the box and is compatible with Backtrack 5 r3, BlackBuntu, BackBox; It will allow you to connect to a wireless network at long range compared to standard wireless networking adapters.

This chipset supports packet injection which allows you to use many penetration testing tools like Aircrack-ng, mdk3, Wifite, etc..

3. WiFi Outdoor Omni Antenna Gain 12dB 2.4Ghz

Tupavco TP551 WiFi Omni Antenna 12dBi 2.4GHz N-Female Outdoor Wireless Network Extension Long Range Extender Amplifier Signal Booster Roof Mount Compatible with any Wireless Devices Access Point Router PCI Card AP Bridge Linksys D-Link Belkin Trendnet TP-Link

This is a high gain 12dBi vertical polarized, omni-directional antenna for 2.4GHz ISM band, WLAN & WiFi applications. Its vertical polarization and omni-directional coverage in the horizontal plane make this antenna an ideal solution for providing coverage in the open areas or outdoors where there are many obstacles to block signals. This antenna has a N Female connector and it comes with a 3 feet cable with N Male connector on each end.

This is a 12dBi Outdoor WiFi 2.4Ghz wireless network extender, repeater and range booster antenna. It can be mounted to any exterior wall or pole, roof or even to your boat, RV or camping trailer. The antenna will boost your existing WiFi signal to extend your wireless network in the open air space up to 1/2 mile radius.

This is a 3 foot long Omni-directional antenna, with N-Female connector on the cable end. Please note that this item does not include pigtail cable or mounting bracket, but if you need it for your application we do sell separately.

A Wi-Fi signal booster can improve the quality of your wireless Internet. The Internet is made up of several different types of signals — 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) and 5 GHz signals, as well as those in the microwave range.

The 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands are both considered unlicensed frequencies, which means anyone can use them without any legal restrictions. The microwave band, however, is reserved for particular devices and is licensed to certain companies.

The 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands alone account for more than 90 percent of all Wi-Fi traffic today, according to an industry report from iSuppli Corporation. Even so, it’s not enough to cover all areas adequately.

Wi-Fi signal boosters are designed to boost the strength of the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. They work by emitting signals that reach all parts of a home or building instead of just reaching one part at a time via direct line-of-sight between a transmitter and receiver .

Our 5GHz 23dBi Outdoor CPE is dedicated to cost effective solutions for outdoor wireless networking applications. It operates seamlessly in the 5GHz frequency spectrum providing greater network capacity with its higher bandwidth. The increased frequency also provides a better resistance to interference and can help mitigate co-channel interference when used with other Wireless AC devices.

Our CPE comes with dual-polarized 23dBi directional antennas, allowing it to achieve the maximum gain and thus cover longer distances. The Pharos Control software allows administrators to monitor and control each device on the network and includes features like speed test, ping, traceroute, and spectral scan.

The CPE710 Wireless N Access Point is dedicated to WISP CPE solution and long distance wireless network solutions. It’s equipped with dual polarity 13dBi high gain directional antenna and max. 300Mbps data rate. The antenna is adjustable from 0-360° horizontally and from -15° to 15° vertically to provide flexible adjustment for various applications.

This device supports Pharos MAXtream TDMA technology, which provides high throughput performance with low latency, making it ideal for use in dense client environments requiring many subscriptions or supporting bandwidth intensive applications. The waterproof enclosure makes the outdoor AP/CPE perfect even in bad weather conditions.

6. NextG USB-Yagi Plug & Play 11N Long Range WiFi Antenna 2200mW

This model is the NextGUSB-Yagi, a long range WiFi USB adapter with built-in 11dBi Yagi antenna and 2200mW of power. It includes a magnetic base and 10ft/3m cable. While this adapter is only 802.11n (150Mbps max) it is ideal for long range applications in client mode.

This adapter can be used to receive signal from another wireless router or access point, or to turn your computer into a wireless access point – turning your computer into a wireless hotspot.

The NextG USB-Yagi has built in software to adjust the signal strength and transmit power, so even if you are very close to a wireless network or access point it does not send out too much power which could overload the receiver. You will get the best performance when receiving from a single direction, so installation involves pointing the antenna directly towards the access point or router you want to receive from.

7. KuWFi 2-Pack 900Mbps 5.8G Outdoor Wireless

The wireless bridge kit can be used to bridge IP security cameras and NVRs for long range wireless video surveillance solution.

This product is a mini wireless network device with built-in omni antenna, can be used to provide free WiFi service in big area such as factory, community, street or etc.

The product is suit for the place of remote and complex environment, which has high requirement for wireless performance, such as villa, industrial park and mining area.

It also supports PTP/PTMP bridge mode which can connect different networks with stable signal and high speed.

8. SimpleWiFi Yagi Dual Band WiFi Extender YI2414B (2.4 – 5 GHz Long Range

The SimpleWiFi Yagi WiFi Antenna is a high gain directional WiFi antenna designed to increase wireless range and signal quality in order to provide maximum wireless performance. This antenna can be used for a variety of applications including WiFi access points, routers, bridges, repeaters and client devices.

The SimpleWiFi Yagi WiFi Antenna can be used with most any 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac equipment. The antenna delivers up to 14 dBi of gain and operates over the 2.4 – 5 GHz frequency range providing excellent performance for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz applications. It features a rugged weatherproof design that makes it ideal for outdoor use in harsh weather conditions.

In addition to its high performance, the SimpleWiFi Yagi WiFi Antenna is easy to install and comes complete with mounting hardware, an N-Female connector and 20 feet of low loss cable (coaxial cable).

Achieve the ideal placement with 802.3at/af standard PoE technology by using a single network cable for both power and data transmission. The AC600 2T2R dual-band Wi-Fi repeater can be placed anywhere without worrying about power issues.

The repeater has a stable signal, it can be connected to most wireless devices that support the 802.11 b/g/n standard. It is compatible with most routers and access points on the market, making it easy to expand your wireless coverage.

Accept point-to-point AP mode, AP router mode, AP client mode , which is equivalent to having a dual-band router, multi-function into one switch!

The repeater has an outdoor waterproof design and is suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions: rain, snow and storm.

The range of the wireless signal boosted by this repeater can easily cover your home, garden, garage or office (wireless coverage area up to 2000 sq ft) and eliminate dead spots without leaving any room!

10. Antenna World SimpleWiFi Ultra Long Range WiFi Extender G2424

The Simple WiFi G2424 is a high-gain parabolic grid antenna that provides the best signal reception and the farthest range for all 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WiFi networks.

The G2424 is ideal for use with routers or access points to reach distant clients on your network such as IP security cameras, video monitoring systems and point of sale terminals. The G2424 is also ideal for providing long range WiFi coverage to distant buildings and locations on large property size up to ten miles away!

The G2424 is manufactured in the USA using the highest quality materials and workmanship. The antenna includes a professional grade mounting pole mount and a weatherproof enclosure with locking latches. The enclosure can be mounted vertically or horizontally based on your needs.

The antenna features a built-in high-power amplifier that boosts WiFi signals by up to 20 dB (100x) over standard antennas while suppressing noise and interference. This results in a clearer signal with more range, less dead spots, and faster data speeds.