Best Grip Tape Skateboard

10 Best Grip Tape Skateboard 2022 – Reviews & Guide

Using a skateboard without the right kind of grip is like driving a car without wearing your seatbelt. Don’t risk your health when a simple piece of grip tape could change your skating life. If you’re looking for high-quality, affordable, and convenient skateboarding gear, check out SkateXS. We have everything you need to make your skateboarding as safe and enjoyable as possible, from skateboard grip tape that’s easy to apply and won’t leave any residue behind to grip tape for your board or for protecting the surface if you skate on asphalt.

Many skateboarders are confused to find out which grip tape to buy. They may ask, how to choose the best grip tape skateboard? There are many materials and factors to consider when buying one. This can be why people find it difficult to just shop for a grip tape. Hence, we will share with you all the factors that you need to consider before making a purchase to end the confusion on this matter. We will also give you our top five choices based on what you value, compared with each of their features.

You have several options when it comes to skating gear. All of them are necessary if you ride your board more often than not. You need a skateboard to start with, as well as a set of wheels, bearings, and trucks. All these parts make up what’s called skateboard hardware. But there is one part that stands out from the rest and that’s the grip tape.

A good grip tape can be the difference between safe rides with no injuries and pain and nerves damaged from missteps. We’ll look into the details in a moment, but first, let’s talk about how different riders need different tapes for their boards.

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1. Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet


  • Size: 33″ x 9″ (Single Sheet)
  • Color: Orange Flame
  • Compatible Material: Wood
  • Brand: Mob Grip

MOB Griptape is a skateboarding company that sells grip, skateboards, and apparel. Founded in 2001 by the late Sean Cliver, MOB has known to be innovative in its products and designs. They have sponsored several highly respected skaters and companies. The Mob Skateboard Grip Tape is part of the Single Sheet Collection.

It is a limited edition black 9″ x 33″ sheet that is 33″ long. The Mob Skateboard Grip comes in an orange flame color and is manufactured by Mob. Its compatible material is wood so you can use it for any wooden board or equipment. Furthermore, if you are looking for a good grip tape, you might want to try this one out because it is tested to last longer than other tapes with better performance and quality.

2. Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet


  • Material: Tough silicon carbide
  • Size: 9″ x 33″ Sheet
  • Color: Black
  • Compatible Material: Wood
  • Brand: Jessup Grip Tape

  Jessup’s skateboard grip tape is the only brand utilized by professional skateboarders worldwide. From pro tours to amateur streets, from swimming pools to concrete skateparks, Jessup Skateboarding was there at the beginning and has been for nearly 20 years in the making with products used by over half of all professional skaters in the industry. Jessup Skateboarding’s motto of “The Choice of Pro Skaters Worldwide” is more true now than when it was first coined simply because Jessup Skateboarding has become synonymous with quality, sustainability, and commitment to innovation.

3. Black Diamond Sheet Grip Tape


  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Clear
  • Compatible Material: Wood
  • Brand: Black Diamond Grip

Black Diamond Sheet Grip Tape from 5Boro is an easy peel and stick application of grip to your board. This sheet will fit on any deck; whether long, short, or wide, you are sure to find that perfect spot for this skateboard tape on your deck. Whether you get the clear sheet or color, it’ll provide you with an outstanding grip with its 80 grit silicon carbide material. The 9” X 33” sheet of grip tape gives you plenty of surface area as well. This sheet is also super durable so one use won’t be the last.

4. ZUEXT Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet


  • Material: HIGH QUALITY-Exclusive OS780 diamond silicon grit binding process for grip that will not wear out
  • Size: Black Griptape 11×44 inch
  • Color: Black
  • Compatible Material: Paper, Plastic
  • Brand: ZUEXT

ZUEXT Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet is a must-have item for all skateboard and scooter riders. Easily apply this grip tape to your board’s top and bottom surface for improved traction and durability. Made from durable, tear-proof materials, its 11″ x 44″ sheet covers wide surfaces that fit most Razor, Lucky, Micro, Phoenix, kick, electric, gas, kids or adult scooter, and skateboards. ZUEXT’s exclusive technology ensures a bubble-free application that is not only easy but also time-saving. You can clean trim to fit the length of your scoot or board in just minutes. All ZUEXT products are carefully made by hand without any compromises to ensure top-notch quality.

5. Black Widow Griptape


  • Material: Silicon
  • Color: Checker
  • Compatible Material: Wood
  • Brand: Black Widow
  • Number of Items: 1

A lot of people feel for the black widow 9″ x 33″ grip tape is one of the best things that could happen to skateboard and longboard riding, it’s more than just a fun product. They continue to say that you are getting a real quality product at an affordable price. You can’t go wrong with this item because it will be the last sheet you’ll ever need to buy. It’s affordably priced and very easy to use.

You will save a lot of money since this sheet will last you for a year or two, depending on how often you go board sliding. When you want to replace your old sheet, you won’t hesitate to get another one because it really does make a difference on how you ride your skateboard or longboard¨

6. Shake Junt Spray Grip Tape


  • Size: One Size
  • Color: One Color
  • Brand: Shake Junt

This is an actual piece of Shake Junt Spray Grip Tape. It is NEW in the package and 100% AUTHENTIC! Made by Shake Junt, the leader in high-performance grip tape products!  There are many styles of Shake Junt tapes so this particular piece was perfectly suited for a display model. This will fit any standard grip tape holder and feature the top-quality spray paint finish that Roller Warehouse is known for. This durable stretchable backing provides a supportive non-slip surface to help eliminate slippage on smooth surfaces such as tabletops or concrete.

7. Regular Foot OG Griptape with Bear Cut-Out


  • Size: One Size
  • Color: One Color
  • Brand:  Grizzly

Warrior’s Regular Foot OG Griptape stands out among all other grip tapes on the market. It is all about the Bear Cut-Out: low profile and wide open, so your feet don’t have to stick like suction cups or slip on hard plastic. It’s not just a bear cut-out… it’s a whole bear. The Regular Foot OG Griptape’s repeatable design lets you pop tricks over and over again, with the same results each time.

8. Grizzly Grip Stamp Print Grip


  • Size: One Size
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Grizzly Griptape

Gripping an object is one of the least enjoyable aspects of paintball. Whether it be long-range games or back-to-back firefights, it’s nice to have a comfortable and grippy surface to lay your hands on. The GrabAGrips ‘Grizzly’ grip gives you that, and more! The ‘Grizzly’ grip comes in both 2-3/4″ and 3″ varieties with four different designs: the Black Diamond, the Bug, the Stomp, and the Claw with two different color schemes. For players who like something a little more sleek can go for the 2-3/4″ ‘Bug’.

9. Lucid Grip Spray On Grip Tape


  • Material: Foam, Acrylic
  • Compatible Material: Wood, Glass, Cement, Ceramic, Metal
  • Brand: Lucid Grip

Lucid Grip Spray on grip tape was created to transform your old and dull-looking skateboard or longboard deck into the envy of the neighborhood. Simply spray a few coats of Lucid Grip on your board, allow it to dry for 24 hours, and you’re good to go again. We developed several special features including a waterproof clearcoat.

You can also use our grip tape on boat surfaces, concrete entry steps, garage floors, and any other surface that you want a non-slip, waterproof, weatherproof, and life-proof surface on! The possibilities are limitless; there’s no need to spend money replacing a whole deck if only the grip has worn out. Save time and money with Lucid Grip Grip Tape. Just install new grip tape in minutes instead of hours.

10. Skateboard Grip Tape Pirate Flag Longboards Griptape Sandpaper for Rollerboard


  • Material: Silicon carbide
  • Size: 1 pack
  • Color: Pattern 3
  • Compatible Material: Wood
  • Brand: Kenya

GEOMET Premium Brand Skateboard Grip Tape Pirate Flag Longboards Griptape Sandpaper for Rollerboard Feature: Unique DIY design makes your skateboard more unique. GEOMET PRO GRADE Skateboard Grip Tape is a silicon carbide grit binding process that provides the optimal amount of adhesion and grip, without tearing or peeling.

Pro Grade grip tape will not wear out, offering superior durability and maximum control in adverse conditions. Easy trimming without tearing, and superior durability for professional use. Best adhesion and grip designed for scooter and skateboard riders of all levels. Materials: Exclusive Silicon-Carbide grit binding process for grip that will not wear out.The super sticky adhesive that won’t peel in extreme heat or cold…

This is a type of skateboard grip tape Pirate Flag Longboards Griptape Sandpaper for Rollerboard.Material: Exclusive Silicon-Carbide grit binding process for grip that will not wear out. The super sticky adhesive won’t peel in extreme heat or cold. Feature: Easy trimming without tearing, and superior durability for professional use.Pro Grade Grip Tape: Best adhesion and grip designed for scooter and skateboard riders of all levels.Unique DIY design makes your skateboard more unique.